WAFarmers: Time to spend up on saleyard repairs

27 Mar, 2009 08:13 AM

Members at the WAFarmers Meat Section Conference have reaffirmed their commitment to upgrading the State's livestock saleyards to ensure animal welfare and worker safety.

WAFarmers Meat Section president, Jeff Murray, said the lobby group would work with the WA Meat Industry Authority on the WA Saleyard Strategy, as funded by the remaining revenue from the sale of the Midland Saleyard site, to upgrade existing saleyard sites and construct new, state of the art saleyard facilities.

"Following the State Saleyard Strategy Report of 2006, it has been recognised by industry that there is an urgent need to upgrade the infrastructure of several regional saleyards including to the Great Southern Regional Saleyards, Katanning and Boyanup," Mr Murray said.

"Upgrades to current and the development of additional saleyards will enable the livestock industry to continue working towards further improving animal welfare and worker safety and are therefore vital to the meat industry."

WAFarmers has lobbied for industry to be the ultimate owners of the saleyards, with a business structure that separates the assets from the management of the assets and thus, industry would take a greater role in the ownership and management of the saleyards.

"The WAFarmers Meat Section will continue its lobbying efforts with the aim that the WA livestock industry will own and operate saleyards at Katanning, Mt Barker and in the South West."


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