WA'S Midland saleyards is in a state of disrepair while producers wait for its replacement at Muchea

28 Sep, 2006 07:00 PM

WorkSafe identified several problems in the pig selling facilities including wet and slippery wooden platforms, holes in the concrete and deteriorating structural columns and beams.

Poor traffic management was also a major problem that needed to be dealt with quickly.

Agriculture Minister Kim Chance said while the government was aware of the issues at the Midland saleyard, a major refurbishment was not appropriate given the intention to establish replacement facilities at Muchea.

³There is a maintenance plan to address immediate occupa-tional health and safety issues,² Mr Chance said.

WorkSafe WA had assessed the saleyard and identified priori-ty areas, which the WA Meat Industry Authority was addres-sing, he said. $100,000 has been allocated to maintain the yards for this year.


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