Weaner steers hit 281c/kg at Manjimup

28 Jan, 2015 01:00 AM
Nita and Greg Phillips, Manjimup, were at the Manjimup sale to see their calves sell in the Elders section and were pleased with the prices received.
Nita and Greg Phillips, Manjimup, were at the Manjimup sale to see their calves sell in the Elders section and were pleased with the prices received.

ELDERS and Primaries penned about 700 cattle in their combined Manjimup weaner sale last Tuesday, with the usual gallery of buyers competing.

While advertised as a weaner sale, both weaned and unweaned, some would have been weaned for some time.

Quality was mixed, although the top end of the yarding would compete with most sales this season.

Yearling ex-pastoral steers sold to $856 and 216 cents per kilogram while weaner steers reached $1017 and 281c/kg.

Weaner heifers sold strongly to $909 and 268c/kg and heifers for breeders met keen competition.

Several pens of Friesian poddie steers found their way to the sale and these lesser quality dairy calves topped at $298.

The ex-pastoral cattle were offered by WD & IM Phillips with their Mia Mia station steers fattened at Manjimup.

The first pen of four Droughtmaster steers, weighing 396kg, sold for $856 and 216c/kg.

Two other pens with six in each saw, steers of 348kg make $749 at 215c/kg, while others weighing 341kg sold for $738 and 216c/kg with Willowbank buying all three pens.

The Phillips family sold the top beef steer calves, with two Angus weighing 462kg at 220c/kg to return $1017 when bought by Willowbank.

A line of nine Angus weaners from RH & LM Rose took out the top of 269c/kg in the Primaries section, with the 304kg calves going to local N Vellios at $819.

Rim Rock Grazing trucked Angus cross calves from Boyup Brook, with the thick and soft weaners weighing 393kg going to Willowbank for $915 at 233c/kg.

One heavy Angus heifer from WD & IM Phillips sold for $906 when the 440kg heifers went to Willowbank at 206c/kg.

DR & DJ Roche, Manjimup, sold two pens of quality heifers at 240 and 239c/kg to cost Primaries Manjimup $886 and $812 respectively.

The Friesian poddies were of average quality and sold accordingly with Galati Family Trust snapping up the first 23 for $298 and the next 16 at $252, to be excellent buying under recent values.

The lower end pens made $182, $132 and $162.

Elders offered the bulk of the weaners with some excellent calves among these.

Flybrook Farm started with 14 Angus averaging 396kg that sold to Willowbank at 241c/kg and $955.

Other pens of Flybrook calves sold for $890 and $864 to Livestock Shipping Services (LSS).

The top steer was a single weighing 440kg from KG Quaife that sold to Willowbank at 230c/kg and $1012.

Another calf to sell for $1000 was a Yallaroo blood Hereford, weighing 435kg, from GJ & JP Phillips going to Willowbank.

TP Kilrain, Manjimup, had numbers with the first pen of 11 Angus weighing 367kg going to LSS at 253c/kg.

LSS then snapped up another 13 weighing 347kg for $879 at 253c/kg.

Norm Vellios kept 11 in the district when he bid to $915 and 261c/kg for the 350kg calves.

The next pen weighing 278kg sold for the top of 281c/kg to cost D & S Richardson $783.

Four weaned Angus from Clovermia Grazing went to LSS for $918 when the 370kg calves sold for 248c/kg.

KL & DI Edwards sold six calves weighing 301kg for 270c/kg with Orest Luzny, Elders Manjimup, buying for a client.

The top heifers were a line of 13 from Mayfield Park, Manjimup, with the 339kg heifers sought-after by buyers looking for future breeders.

Mal Barrett, Elders Boyanup, saw off all competition to pay $909 at 268c/kg to take out the double.

The first three pens of heifers were Angus from Flybrook Farms, with eight weighing 296kg making $657 at 222c/kg.

Another pen of 11 sold for 220c/kg to cost Elders Manjimup, $720.

This buyer was strong on heifers, also snapping up two pens of eight from KL & DI Edwards for $743 and $642 at 216 and 220c/kg.

A pen of nine Limousin sold by D Kammann were added for $763 and 230c/kg.

A pen of 11 quality Angus from TP Kilrain were potential breeders and were bought by D Richardson for 226c/kg and $739.

Two Limousin heifers weighing 382kg from KG Quaiffe were off for a sea voyage when bought by LSS at 228c/kg and $872.

Caesia Pastoral sold two Simmental heifers weighing 345kg for 224c/kg, costing Elders Manjimup $773, which then paid 230c/kg for eight Charolais from Reland Pty Ltd costing $733.

WL East sold a Charolais weighing 260kg to Falcinella Brothers for 222c/kg.



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