What is MLA doing?

12 Jul, 2007 07:00 PM

DENMARK cattle and sheep producer Michael Fewing got a round of ap-plause when he asked MLA chairman Don Heatley what MLA was doing to get hig-her prices for WA cattle producers.

The MLA team were in WA for a serioes of producer meetings.

³In 2003 I received $1.73 for steers, in 2004 it was $1.80 in 2004, $1.79 in 2005 and $1.75 in 2006,² he said.

³The price hasn¹t changed in four years despite claims from MLA that the work they are doing is benefiting producers.

³WA producers rely on the export market and we also rely on MLA to market our product for us.²

Mr Fewings said it was getting harder and harder for producers to make a profit from their properties.

³I have been farming in Denmark since 1997 and am yet to make a profit from the farm,² he said.

Mr Heatley said MLA couldn¹t influence market price, but it was working on enhancing end product markets.

³WA is unique because there is a lack of competition in the boxed beef area and that has a large effect on the price you are receiving,² he said.

³MLA cannot go out and force competition between two abattoirs or build a new abattoir, but it can go out and promote products as much as possible and that is what we endeavour to do²


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