WHILE the Wellard Group may be expanding its business base to include more non ­rural subsidiary com

08 Feb, 2007 07:00 PM

The two vessels are valued at US$40 million and have being constructed using the latest technology.

Wellard Rural Exports managing director Steve Meerwald said the ships would add to the fleet of ships run by the Balzarini¹s family company Siba Ships, which also owns the MV Becrux ‹ the world¹s most modern livestock vessel.

³The two new ships will have a capacity of 25,000 sheep or 6500 cattle and encompass the latest technology further demonstrating Wellard¹s commitment to animal welfare,² he said.

The new vessels contains the latest in independent propulsion systems, which means it has two completely separate motors.

³If one engine breaks down the ship can still sail, it will not be stranded at sea with a load of livestock on board,² Mr Meerwald said.

³We have also installed the latest in air flow systems and the system now enables the air to be changed according to need at a level that is three times the Australian standard.


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