WITH most abattoirs closing over the Christmas and New Year break the processing of goats will cease

17 Dec, 2003 10:00 PM

Export capretto

DELIVERIES have been finalised for this season and the future of this market looks uncertain with numbers well down on past years. We are looking at a new marketing system, which may be of a benefit to those growers who have supported this market. Further details will be publicised as they come about.

Local capretto

THIS market continues to grow, although we don't know for how long in its present form. This Christmas period has seen the largest number sold since the start about 12 years ago.

We still hear of people not sure of where to obtain goat meat from in Perth, although it is now appearing in more and more outlets. We will continue to market Capretto throughout the year as long as it is of a reasonable quality. We now have arrangements with Abattoirs throughout the state, which is convenient to growers. Let us know if and when you will have animals available so a coordinated approach can be done to marketing to keep the prices up.

Agricultural goat cull

PROCESSING will continue after the holiday period starting January 5 so if you have any to sell please let us know so they can be booked in.

Rangelands for slaughter

BOOKINGS for these need to be advised ASAP so that space can be confirmed. All abattoirs are completely booked out until after the holiday period. It is anticipated that the prices will ease somewhat here in WA as the Taiwan market has been satisfied and other markets overseas are reportedly being quickly filled from the East Coast where prices are lower than what we have been receiving here in WA. Heavy goats in the 16kg plus range may continue to attract simular prices as presently being paid because of the lack of numbers and the stronger demand.

Live export males

A REASONABLE strong demand will see prices firm for good quality male goats which meet the required weight. Boer Cross males are sought after and the preferred animal by most exporters, which has been a bonus for many growers this year who have found their animals too heavy for Capretto.


THE demand for breeders in agricultural areas has been steady mainly for Boer Cross Does. Some quality proven breeders are being over looked because they are Domesticated Rangelands or Cashmere types. These animals will produce arguably just as good offspring suitable for all our markets as any other breed.

Angoras and Mohair

THERE are still opportunities to obtain good returns from running Angoras for Mohair and Capretto production. With Mohair going against the trends of most other natural fibres and steadily improving with each sale. Growers are being rewarded for years of selection and work.

Boer pure breeds

AT present there is anover supply of commercial bucks in Australia. With many breeders not willing to cull this will continue to be a challenge to all concerned. The doe market, which over the last few years has relied on the Chinese market to hold up the higher prices, can be expected to ease if this does not come about this season. Enquiries so far from China have come to nothing but that doesn't mean nothing will happen in the New Year.

Goat and sheep meat for sale and wanted

Goats for sale

ANGORA does, several lines of good Fibre producers available. Price $25 each

Boer Cross does, several lines of proven breeders available Price $35 to $50each

200 Cashmere does mixed age, proven breeders. Price $30 each

Goats wanted after Christmas delivery

Capretto for Local market

Boer Cross males 25kg plus

Rangeland bucks, mixed mobs and underweights

Domesticated goats for slaughter

Sheep for sale

35 F1 South African Merino rams, 10 months old, $400 each

8 White Suffolk fams at Mt Barker, well bred, $450 each

15 Dorper rams 1.5yo at Brookton, $350 each

20 White Dorper rams 1 to 2yo, $300 each

20 South Suffolk rams 1.5 yo, $450 each

Sheep wanted

Dorper Cross ewes or ewe lambs suitable for mating this year

120 Border Cross Ewe lambs

For further details contact Mick Doak on Mb 0427006159 or Ah Ph/Fax 93093225

or Email: doakmick@bigpond.com.au



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