Working together to manage risk

27 Jul, 2005 08:45 PM

WORKSAFE has asked livestock transporters to come up with ideas to manage the risks involved with working from heights.

LTI risk manager Tom Lennon said livestock transporters needed to take this opportunity to offer ideas to manage the risk of working at heights on livestock carriers because the issue would not go away.

"WorkSafe wants industry to come up with the ideas," Mr Lennon said.

"The Livestock Transporters Association (LTA) can produce an industry standard such as what was experienced with the animal welfare standard."

Livestock transporters have 12 months to come up with a risk management plan to be evaluated by WorkSafe.

Some of the ideas the industry is looking at include the use of harnesses when loading stock or pullout platforms on livestock crates.

The LTA will work with members towards finding a user-friendly solution for operators.

A WorkSafe spokeswoman said it was a national strategy that was part of the Falls From Heights From Vehicles campaign, which tankers and car carriers had already been involved in.

The spokeswoman said WorkSafe was in the information and education component of the campaign for livestock carriers.

WorkSafe was taking part in awareness building exercises to make livestock transporters aware of the risk involved in climbing up the sides of livestock trucks.

The campaign was part of eight areas of occupational health and safety initiatives identified as areas needing attention.

The spokeswoman said the campaign would aim at having a consistency between states and would enter into a compliance phase in August.

WorkSafe inspectors would then be entering premises to assess the risk involved in working from heights for livestock transporters.

If there were any areas of concern inspectors would be asking the transport company to adopt more appropriate measures.


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