A Bruce Rock farmer slays salt Goliath

03 Dec, 1999 03:59 AM

REPORTS that WA's salinity problem is too large and the damage is too far gone to ever be fully recovered frustrate Bruce Rock farmer Kevin Jones. In only two years, Mr Jones has engineered an amazing salinity success story on his own property using deep drains to turn around severely salt-affected country. Buoyed by the win, which he admits has exceeded his expectations, he believes an engineering solution is the best weapon in the war against salt right across WA. In conjunction with similar work on neighbouring properties, Mr Jones' deep drains have resulted in an estimated five tonnes per hectare wheat crop on parts of his farm that had been "lost" to salt for 15 years. Land that was once white on the surface from salt and struggled to support anything except barley grass has now been brought back into production and is expected to produce the best wheat crop on the farm. Similarly, patches of bush that had long since died off from the salt incursions are now showing signs of recovery, with seedlings germinating from the crusted white surface among the skeletons of dead trees. pSee full story on page 9


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