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ABARES cropping outlook

07 Mar, 2013 01:00 AM

THE farm sector is bracing for a more subdued economic report card this year as forecasters warn our high dollar and emerging trade competitors are likely to undermine Australian farm export earnings for some years to come.

The picture is far from grim, but there was no sugar coating to help make some of the frank assessments more palatable at this year's agricultural Outlook 2013 conference.

Click on the links below for breakdowns of the wheat, oilseeds, cotton and coarse grains forecasts:

  • ABARES outlook: Wheat
  • ABARES outlook: Oilseeds
  • ABARES outlook: Cotton
  • ABARES outlook: Coarse Grains
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    Nobody begrudges Bunge from getting their first ship away. Well done. They are as good as any