Canola growers raise the bar

27 Nov, 2008 04:09 PM

:GRDC, in conjunction with the Australian Oilseeds Federation, has released a publication ’Raising the bar with better canola agronomy’, as part of the GRDC/AOF supported 'Better Canola' project.

The aim is to help increase the reliability of canola by sharing the knowledge and experience of growers throughout Australia.

The publication examines demonstration trials and provides case studies that have evaluated ways to improve performance, reduce cost of production and minimise risk.

One case study particularly relevant to WA growers is that of Williams grower, Brett Fowler.

Mr Fowler assesses factors such as nutrition, residue management, weed control and herbicide resistance among others. He’s enthusiastic about the crop’s potential.

"Canola's gross margin is equivalent to other cereals in the rotation. In one of the poorest seasons in the history of the area it still yielded 1.2t/ha," Mr Fowler said.

’Raising the bar with better canola agronomy’ can be downloaded from the GRDC website.



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