Case-IH tests new grain monitor

15 Mar, 2001 05:52 AM

CASE-IH is taking a measured approach to its new grain quality monitor, which is being tested in Australia.

Following extensive trials during the recent harvest throughout Australia, research work will now shift to North America for further testing during the Northern Hemisphere harvest.

Grain samples from the Australian harvest will be sent to North America to assist Case researchers with calibration adjustments to the monitor.

According to Case-IH product manager harvest and hay, Geoff Rendell, it was important to collect as much data as possible from a variety of harvesting conditions.

"The more data we can get to assist with calibrations the better," he said. "We're still in test cycle mode and we won't be releasing the monitor until we are happy with its accuracy."

Mr Rendell said the grain quality monitor represented a new frontier in harvesting technology.

"It's a very exciting development which is being led by Case-IH," he said.

On another front, company product manager tractors, Phil Withell, said the new STX Steiger tractors would keep Case-IH on top as market leader in the high horsepower four-wheel drive tractor class.

"We have the best order bank ever world-wide," he said. "WA farmers especially have been very quick to place orders since seeing the model at the world release in Perth last August.

"The reason for its popularity is because its 440hp rated with a top working horsepower of 480hp."

Mr Withell said the Steiger Quadtrac also had proved popular, with two thirds of orders choosing the Quadtrac because of its performance and productivity.

"The Quadtrac can do more over a range of soil types and pulling a range of equipment," Mr Withell said.

"In wheelslip tests, for example, the average wheelslip on the Quadtrac was 2pc, compared with an average 8-9pc for the wheeled tractors."

Another reason for the popularity of the Steigers was the 40km/h rated transmission, which meant the Steiger could be used for higher speed operations, such as spraying and carting.


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