CBH considers power of nine

26 Feb, 2009 03:00 AM
The nine proposed zones
The nine proposed zones

GROWERS at the CBH annual general meeting (AGM) in April will have an opportunity to change their director election districts.

A motion at the AGM will ask for growers to vote on changing the present four zones to nine zones for a more equitable grower representation.

The present system has four districts based on the Esperance, Albany, Kwinana and Geraldton shipping zones.

Under the new proposal there would be one director for each of the nine zones that would each have about the same number of growers and the same amount of grain.

This would remedy the situation where Esperance and Geraldton with two directors each are proportionately over-represented compared to Kwinana zone, the largest zone with three directors.

CBH director and deputy chairman Wally Newman said the present balance did not reflect the number of shareholders and number of tonnes of grain in each zone.

He said one vote in the Esperance zone was worth 3.3 votes in the Kwinana zone.

"Albany with two directors is about right in terms of tonnes of grain and directors," he said.

Mr Newman said the issue had been on the agenda for several years and numerous models had been considered to make representation more equitable for growers.

This year the issue was revisited and reviewed by people outside the committee, who considered a range of different models.

Mr Newman said the review supported the committee's assessment that the nine zones with one director in each was the best system.

He said it was the same model CBH had before merging with Grain Pool in 2002.

"It gives the best balance between votes and tonnage, it gives the best balance of any of the models," he said.

"The nine zones allow everybody in the grain belt to have a voice."

Read the full story in this week's Farm Weekly.


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