CBH Geraldton zone report

17 Dec, 2003 10:00 PM

Geraldton Zone Manager Mick Daw said harvest was tapering off with more than 90pc of the estimated tonnage for the zone now received into CBH storages.

Over 300,000 tonnes of grain had been delivered to Geraldton zone receival points during the past week.

Mr Daw said harvest activity was concentrated in the southern section of the Geraldton zone with the Carnamah and Mingenew sites still receiving grain relatively large quantities of grain.

He said Mingenew had now received more than 260,000 tonnes of grain, easily surpassing its previous receival record of 228,000 tonnes.

CBH Kwinana zone report

Kwinana Zone Manager Ian Gordon said deliveries into CBH Kwinana zone storages were over three-quarters complete with 5.4 million tonnes received.

Mr Gordon said that excellent co-operation at CBH receival sites in the zone was enabling deliveries to be as smooth as possible, given the pressure of the high yielding harvest on storage space.

He said the Kwinana Terminal had received 200,000 tonnes of grain per week on rail for the past two weeks, which compared to the typical 50,000 tonnes per week.

Mr Gordon said this record is a credit to CBH staff and is a product of excellent co-operation from the Australian Railroad Group, which provides rail transport service to CBH.

Mr Gordon said excellent support had been received from marketers to arrange shipping from the CBH Kwinana Terminal, to enable high levels of out-turn for export in the coming months.

CBH Esperance zone report

Esperance Zone Manager Steve Baker said harvest deliveries were now over half way to reaching the two million tonnes of grain estimated for the Esperance zone.

Mr Baker said good weather conditions had enabled a big week with approximately 400,000 tonnes in total delivered into CBH Esperance facilities.

Mr Baker said the Esperance zone's daily receival record had been surpassed again, with 72,192 tonnes being received across the zone on Saturday 13 December.

He said staff and growers working together had enabled this record to be achieved.

Mr Baker said the quality of receivals was varied, particularly in wheat, which required the introduction of new segregations.

He said CBH was currently implementing strategies at a site level to maximise the number of quality segregations for growers while preserving the utility of remaining storage space.

He said the requirement for segregations would be carefully considered before implementation was justified.

Mr Baker said he expected another busy week and that with the cooperation of growers, deliveries will be received by CBH as efficiently as possible.

CBH Albany Zone Report

Albany Zone Manager Kevin Crouch said the CBH Albany zone had a huge week with good harvesting weather enabling more than half a million tonnes to pour into CBH receival sites.

Mr Crouch said eight individual site daily receival records were broken during the past week.

He said that there were several additional storages being erected within the zone to augment existing storage capacity.

He said good shipping was being planned at the CBH Albany Terminal, and rail and road transport resources were being re-located from northern areas to move grain to port to meet out-turn requirements.



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