CBH Group links with Foodbank

26 Sep, 2008 01:04 PM

The CBH Group and Australia's largest hunger relief charity Foodbank has launched a unique grain donation program to supply food to Australia's underprivileged.

Grain donated by growers to the program will be converted to food product to supply regional Foodbank depots and support important local Foodbank initiatives such as the School Breakfast Program.

The CBH Group's marketing arm, Grain Pool will be working closely with Foodbank to convert the donated grain into food.

Global head of yrading for Grain Pool, Matthew Rutter, said the partnership with Foodbank was a good fit, highlighting the significant role of grain growers in the food supply chain.

"By forming this unique partnership with Foodbank, our aim is to further link Western Australian grain growers directly to the consumers most in need," he said.

"Like the CBH Group, Foodbank plays an integral role in supporting local communities in regional areas.

"The regional Foodbank network in WA has been instrumental in the last two seasons of drought, providing assistance and support to the families most in need."

The Foodbank program will work similar to last year’s Seed Donation Program which was co-ordinated by the CBH Group and the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia (DAFWA), whereby growers will have the opportunity to donate a portion of their grain by nominating Foodbank as an acquirer.

The program will accept all donations of grain, regardless of type, grade or variety and all donations made to the Foodbank Program will be fully tax deductible.

Tax receipts will be issued to growers at the end of harvest.

This year, under the Grain Express system, all nominations will be done either by using LoadNet or the Grower Service Centre and not the Carters Delivery Form as in previous years.

Growers who donate grain to Foodbank within 21 days of delivery will be exempt from paying Receival fees for the tonnage donated.

In addition, growers who make a donation will not be required to pay Destination Freight charges for the tonnes nominated to Foodbank.

Denis Ryan, chairman of Foodbank Australia, said that the donation program will provide critical support for families struggling with increasing food costs.

"The increase in recent times in the cost of raw materials like grain has resulted in an increase in staple food prices for consumers," he said.

"While the average consumer is able to absorb these increases in price, families struggling financially have been hit hard."


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