Daikon radish suits WA

22 Sep, 2005 07:00 PM

POPULAR to China, Korea, Japan and South America, the Daikon Chinese radish would be an ideal crop for the WA climate, according to international no-till consultant Rolf Derpsch.

Speaking at the WANTFA Spring field days at Meckering, Mr Derpsch said the only problem was getting enough seeds to plant a decent size crop.

"At the moment we have a problem with seeds," he said.

"We can only bring a dozen in at a time.

"At that rate it would take a long time for people to plant them, harvest more seeds and continue on until they had enough for a big enough crop.

"They would be a good crop in this climate and an alternative to what is available at the moment."

Mr Derpsch said discussions were underway to be able to bring more seeds into the country.

The growth of the Daikon Chinese radish was impressive compared to other crops planted at the same time.

Also known as white radish, and in Japan as Daikon, the Asian vegetable bears little resemblance to small, round, red radishes.

Instead the raphanus sativus, to use its scientific name, resembles a large white carrot.

It can be considered an alternative to potatoes or turnips and is a source of vitamin C and calcium.


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