Demand for GM canola strong:PGA

27 Jun, 2008 12:10 PM

New evidence from Canada starkly demonstrates the lack of vision regarding GM food by the current State Government, according to PGA Western Graingrowers chairman Leon Bradley.

"Premier Carpenter and Agriculture Minister Chance claim that there is no demand for food produced from GM crops, that there are no advantages from producing GM canola, and that indeed WA gain certain premiums from producing non-GM canola," Mr Bradley said

this week.

"If this were true, you would expect that Canadian canola production would be in decline,and Canadian farmers going out backwards due to falling sales and declining prices.

"Figures released by Stats Canada indicate that Canadian farmers have just planted a

record canola crop of almost 16 million acres, exceeding last year’s record of 14.7 million


"Indeed this year’s crop represents 2.7 million acres above the average Canadian crop, and is more than enough to displace the entire canola production of Australia on the international market.

"Fortunately for Australia, the State Governments of NSW and Victoria have recognised reality and allowed GM canola to be grown commercially.

"By deliberately blocking the process of technological advance in agriculture, the Carpenter Government has claimed a unique place in WA history.

"Even better for Premier Carpenter and his technophobic Minister, their decision comes at

no cost to the Government - the farmers of WA are the ones who pay the price."

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Aaron Edmonds
1/07/2008 2:33:25 PM

Forget about what the consumer wants. The unfolding mess with tanking food supplies world over is going to mean the consumer will get what is available. If the market is too fussy you simply sell it some place else. 2008 is going to be the 9th year in the last 10 where once again more food is consumed than what is produced. Just wait til meat and animal protein prices double or triple and rationing begins to occur.
Ian Parmenter
1/07/2008 9:01:55 PM

Leon Bradley doesn't get it... There is no evidence to show that farmers in WA will benefit from planting GM crops. Further, there has been no serious investigation of the effects of the ingestion of GM foods on human beings. Consumers in the US, Canada, Japan and Europe are rejecting GM foods. Leon Bradley is out of touch with reality. Why has Farm Weekly published his vacuous comments?
GM supporter
2/07/2008 5:58:29 PM

Ian, Leon Bradley does get it. As Aaron says forget about what the consumer wants, if markets are too fussy we will simply sell our GM canola somewhere else as the demand is so great. If consumers in the US, Canada, Japan and Europe are rejecting GM foods they are in the minority. Leon Bradley is not out of touch and Farm Weekly are well aware of his capacity to comment objectively.


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