Farmer trading now permitted for Vlamingh barley seed

30 Oct, 2008 09:07 PM

The Department of Agriculture and Food has declared that Vlamingh seed will be free to trade (farmer to farmer) in Western Australia from November this year, following the normal expiry of the two year restricted trading period.

Vlamingh has been accredited as a malting barley variety from Western Australia.

Barley Industry development officer Jeff Russell said barley growers should be mindful that Vlamingh was currently undergoing export market development with overseas buyers.

“Recent feedback from overseas maltsters indicate that Vlamingh performs similarly to Gairdner, and so is likely to be a replacement for that variety,” Mr Russell said.

“The market potential of Vlamingh is not likely to be fully understood or realised for another few years, a factor that should be kept in mind given the current marketing environment,” he said.

“This may have a bearing on the price growers will be paid for delivering Vlamingh that meets malting quality standard and where it can be received in the short term.”

Mr Russell said growers who wanted to begin growing Vlamingh while it was undergoing export market development should be conscious of the need to match production to market demand.

“They should consider only growing enough for their own evaluation and bulk up needs and the likely marketing options available to them until a better knowledge of the market size is known,” Mr Russell said.

“For growers who intend to purchase Vlamingh from a neighbour, it is paramount that high varietal seed purity is maintained, as with all malting barley varieties.

“The seed should be tested for variety purity and a seed analysis statement obtained.

“New requirements for the delivery of malting barley are likely to be in place by the 2010/11 harvest. These will require growers to provide evidence of the variety purity declared prior to delivery at the bin.”

Mr Russell said that even though Vlamingh was protected under Plant Breeding Rights (PBR), this did not prevent future farmer to farmer sales.

“Vlamingh will still be subject to End Point Royalties (EPR) for every tonne of grain produced and sold by growers,” Mr Russell said.

Vlamingh is jointly owned by the Department and the Grains Research and Development Corporation who fund the Western Australian Barley Improvement Program through Barley Breeding Australia.

The EPR for Vlamingh is $3.50 / t for grain delivered for malting and $1.50 / t for grain delivered as feed (plus GST).

WA Department of Agriculture and Food


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