Frost tools under review

10 Nov, 2015 01:00 AM
Wheat showing frost damage.
Frost is estimated to cost the Australian grains industry about $360 million annually
Wheat showing frost damage.

GRAIN growers and advisers are encouraged to take part in a confidential survey to help shape the delivery of frost tools and resources in their region.

Frost is estimated to cost the Australian grains industry about $360 million annually in direct and indirect yield losses, and particularly affects western and southern cropping regions.

GRDC National Frost Initiative steering committee chairman Peter Roberts said the online survey would inform the development of Frost Check – which would be a one-stop-shop source of information to support paddock planning, rapid frost recognition and management responses.

“It is important to understand grower and adviser needs for frost information, and how this information is valuable in grower decision-making,” he said.

The survey is available at

Mr Roberts said feedback received through the survey would help ensure Frost Check was easy to use and relevant to grower needs.

“People who complete the survey will go in a draw for a prize," he said.

Mr Roberts, who is also chairman of the GRDC western regional panel, said Frost Check would incorporate research outcomes from the GRDC National Frost Initiative and other GRDC frost investments.

Frost Check, which is being led by Climate and Agricultural Support director Melissa Rebbeck, will include resources to help growers rapidly assess and respond to frost damage.

It will also include farm planning resources.

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10/11/2015 7:23:58 AM

If a plant could be produced that was frost tolerant as we were promised by the GM brigade it" would be one giant step for mankind". However it would need to be for the masses and not controlled by big business but funded by Govt.-we the people. That would be a tax that I would be happy to pay ! Come on CSIRO !


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