Future of grain distribution is on track

28 Nov, 2008 01:10 PM

DOWERIN Shire president Dale Metcalf has urged CBH senior management to plan for innovative bulk handling in the future when grain is packed into containers at the local grain receival site and loaded on rail for ports to be directly shipped to customers.

Speaking at the opening of the new CBH bin in Dowerin last week, Mr Metcalf outlined his vision for the future of grain receivals in the Dowerin and the surrounding area.

Among the crowd of interested on-lookers was the cream of CBH's senior management.

They included CBH chairman Neil Wandel, chief executive officer Imre Mencshelyi, operations managers Colin Tutt and Mike Musgrave, Grain Pool general manager Brian Mumme, Bulk West Engineering general manager Colin Barry and CBH Kwinana Zone directors Mick McGinniss and Vern Dempster.

The new CBH facility at Dowerin took a year to build, cost $6 million and will take up to 120,000 tonnes of grain in the open bulk head storage.

However, Mr Metcalf was not satisfied with that result.

He acknowledged the substantial investment from CBH in building the new bin which took five years in the planning, and thanked them for showing confidence in grain growing in the region.

He then took the opportunity to enrol them in his unique vision for the future, marketing grain direct to export customers.

Mr Metcalf urged CBH to consider building a dry land port facility that would almost quadruple the current capacity and facilitate around 450,000t of grain in any given season.

"That's my vision and I believe that we will get there one day," he said.


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