GLA announces export decisions

22 Sep, 2005 07:00 PM

THE Grain Licensing Authority (GLA) has approved the export of 125,000t of feed barley to the Middle East but declined applications to send a further 125,000t to the region.

Applications to export 60,000t of malting barley to China and 38,000t of canola to Japan also were declined.

GLA chairman Colin Mann said licences issued would ensure wide competition and marketing options to producers for prescribed grains. But volumes granted to core markets of the main licence holder Grain Pool were reaching a level that could begin to impact on its marketing strategies and the state's reputation as a reliable grain exporter.

"All applications to core markets or clearly established customers of the main licence holder will continue to be subjected to very rigorous scrutiny and assessment, and new market opportunities will receive priority," Mr Mann said.

"However, exporters are not denied access to any market because they can also still buy grain for their customers through the Grain Pool and if it is in the best interests of producers, I am sure negotiations can prove positive."

This provides a power of veto over increased quantities to core markets unless grain exporters can substantiate benefit to producers and the state.


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