GM trials for WA

31 Oct, 2008 12:07 PM
GM canola in Victoria
GM canola in Victoria

WA's pro-GM farmers have applauded new Agriculture Minister Terry Redman's decision to begin progressing a path forward for the implementation of trials of genetically modified canola and cotton in Western Australia and to allow open debate on GM–free areas.

The decision by the State Government has been hailed as a major breakthrough for producers by Pastoralists and Graziers' Association president, Rob Gillam.

"We can now proceed to catch up to Victoria and NSW who have already commenced trials of GM canola, and more importantly, with countries like Canada and the US who have been seeing the benefits of GM technology for almost a decade," Mr Gillam said.

Mr Gillam said he hoped the new Shadow Minister for Agriculture Mick Murray would also support WA's new position on GM trials, in line with the positions taken by the Federal and NSW and Victorian Governments.

"We believe the determinations on GM trials to be implemented by the Department of Agriculture, will not only confirm the significant value of this technology to farmers and the State, but also serve to counter many of the emotional myths generated within the GM debate," he said.


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