GrainGrowers launches new cropping tool

31 Mar, 2012 01:00 AM
GrainGrowers chairman John Eastburn (left) and WA field officer Ray Morgan with information services business manager Alicia Garden at last week's WAFarmers Centenary Conference at the Burswood Entertainment Complex.
GrainGrowers chairman John Eastburn (left) and WA field officer Ray Morgan with information services business manager Alicia Garden at last week's WAFarmers Centenary Conference at the Burswood Entertainment Complex.

GRAINGROWERS officially launched ProductionWise, the organisation's new flagship decision support tool for farmers, at last week's WAFarmers Centenary Conference in Perth.

GrainGrowers information services business manager Alicia Garden said while farmers couldn't control the weather, ProductionWise would provide the next-best option because it was the only support tool of its kind in the world.

She said ProductionWise allowed growers to map their paddocks, record management practices and monitor crop development using an advanced paddock diary, crop tracker and seasonal climate and yield forecasting tools.

"ProductionWise is the first of its kind in the world and we are very proud, after years of work, to deliver this new tool to Australian growers," Ms Garden said.

"It is a decision-making tool which enhances farm efficiency and profitability, seamlessly integrating a range of information from historical satellite and climatic data to seasonal rain forecasts.

"It analyses data which has been collected every day since January 1955 to provide a range of functions, including forecasting yields for individual paddocks.

"ProductionWise was recognised for its innovation when it was recognised in last year's Australian Innovation Awards.

"I am thrilled to launch a program which will deliver tangible benefits to grain producers and positively impact their bottom line."

GrainGrowers chairman John Eastburn said ProductionWise was a testament to the innovation seen throughout the agricultural industry.

"Agriculture is an exciting, technologically-savvy industry and we need to work together to inform the broader community of the skill and innovation involved in getting food to the table," Mr Eastburn said.

"In fact, agriculture is a leading industry in the uptake and utilisation of technologies in Australia.

"GrainGrowers is passionate about helping Australian growers drive a more sustainable, profitable industry and ProductionWise is a part of that."

ProductionWise has various free components, with additional features available for a cost.

But the big question most growers want answered is whether it actually will help them to strengthen their monthly bank statements or simply provide yet another inaccurate and unsubstantiated weather and yield forecasting system, much like many of the models created and released by numerous grains industry bodies in previous years.

In a recent opinion post on Farmonline, one commentator slammed the new online crop management system and said it was "one of the worst farm management tools (he) had the frustration of trying to use."

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1/04/2012 5:50:20 AM, on Farm Weekly

Well it had better be a lot better than their rainfall and state production models that they published, they were rubbish. I suppose if you keep your name out there long enough people will think you are useful even if you are hopeless.
2/04/2012 10:04:03 PM, on Farm Weekly

I cannot believe that this GGL mob actually think that a farm program will lift my profit base. Get real most farmers are sick to death with software companies peddling this stuff and the Farm weekly should consider how many adds it wants to run on this stuff for GGL as it seems to be compramised by this story as it reads like an ADD. Along with all the tele marketers real farmers will just be laughing at GGL for wasting more of their members money on another failed software company.
4/04/2012 9:02:07 PM, on Farm Weekly

Ray1. I am sure the east coast fellas will be real happy with these peanuts dwindling their equity away, especially to the west. Ironical that for years with the SD there was money going east. Now it has come back with GGL and better prices. I, for one can't stop laughing. No wonder Jock is upset.


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