Growers still unhappy over Avon CBH site

29 Jan, 2009 03:00 AM

AVON graingrowers will meet with CBH grain handling operations staff early next month to discuss the quality of facilities at the Avon CBH bin in Northam.

Meeting convenor Paul Reynolds, a Grass Valley grower and grain transporter, said delivery times at Avon were not much better this year compared to last season, when a similar post-harvest meeting was held.

Mr Reynolds said last year's meeting addressed urgent improvements required at the primary receival site.

However, he was concerned there had been little or no improvement made in the 2008-09 harvest, despite the call for action.

During last year's meeting, attended by Farm Weekly, growers outlined a number of problems experienced at the site during the 2007-08 harvest.

CBH zone manager Ian Gordon took comments from about 30 growers and contractors at the meeting and wrote them on a white board.

The grower concerns mainly focused on lengthy delays, attributed to outdated infrastructure at Avon, closure of the Metro Grain Centre (MGC) to grower deliveries and closure of satellite bins.

Mr Reynolds said he was extremely disappointed no improvements were made during the past harvest.

"CBH reckon the service standards have improved at Avon but I disagree," he said.

"They say delivery times went down to half an hour on average this harvest but I say it's more like an hour and in some cases a lot more."


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