Hail storms cause untold damage to WA crops

26 Nov, 2008 04:31 PM
Salmon Gums farmer Sam Guest in one of his wheat crops which was decimated by a hail storm.
Salmon Gums farmer Sam Guest in one of his wheat crops which was decimated by a hail storm.

SEVERE thunderstorms that hit the WA wheatbelt this week have caused heavy crop losses across a variety of areas.

It appears that the areas surrounding Hyden down to Esperance have been the most badly affected, with reports that 100mm - mostly hail - has decimated crops north of Esperance.

Salmon Gums farmer Sam Guest said 800ha of wheat had been totally flattened.

"The hail was coming in almost horizontally and it has just decimated the crop, it looks like someone has gone through it with a mower," he said.

"I have never seen anything like it, the paddocks look like a snowfield."

In the Eastern Wheatbelt, falls ranged from 5mm-50mm and hail damage was scattered and varied in size.

In the Great Southern, falls were heavier with reports of up to 100mm falling in a short period of time, causing flash flooding.

For some areas, monthly rainfall totals have reached more than 200mm which has played havoc with harvest and downgraded crop quality.

The storms have caused huge frustration for farmers that were looking at a reasonable return from their grain this year.

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Edward Metcalfe
28/11/2008 8:53:28 AM

I think it's time to take global COOLING seriously. The proof is in the pudding.


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