No more changing barley standards

28 Nov, 2008 09:01 AM

AFTER adjusting barley receival standards to compensate for quality issues and allowing more malt barley into the market, the CBH Group has announced no more changes.

With more barley segregations this season than ever before, group general manager of operations Colin Tutt said it had made enormous changes to accommodate for quality problems from the heavy rain since October.

The quality issues have included staining, fungal staining and screenings.

Mr Tutt said it was important that no more changes were made to the barley standards for the CBH Group to maintain its integrity to customers.

"We're at the point now where enough is enough," Mr Tutt said.

"We've got more segregations for barley now than we've ever had before.

"We really need to be mindful of not destroying the confidence that our customers have in WA malt barley."

Currently there is a global oversupply of feed barley, which has seen the price plummet from more than $410/t at peak last year to $170/t this week (cash).

In a regulated market altering the receival standards was a fairly simple process; however in the new deregulated market all 60 of CBH's customers must be consulted about any changes.


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