Old farm fogeys told to listen

31 Jul, 2008 09:53 AM

A YOUNGER generation farmer has called on WA's farming organisations to stop sabotaging the industry and to start listening to their members again.

Gerladton farmer Bruce Ley, 43, said he is highly optimistic about the future of agriculture but believes it is now time to move on from the dirty politics and in-fighting that has marred the industry and highlighted during the Cole Inquiry.

"It's about time the Wheat Growers Association and WAFarmers stopped putting the industry down and started listening to their members again," Mr Ley said.

"The single desk is gone and it's time to move on. They need to realise that and start thinking about the future and listening to the views of younger growers who may not necessarily agree with them."

He said many younger growers had already moved on from the single desk and had "embraced deregulation".

He said they were now excited about the opportunities available ahead from competition amongst grain marketers, starting this season.

"These so-called leaders complain constantly that farmers are going broke because we not getting enough for our produce, the average age is going up, young ones aren't interested in agripolitics, etc," he said.

"You know what? We are interested. It's just that we don't agree with them."

Mr Ley said his generation was responsible for decisions currently being made on the future direction of organisations such as the AWB and CBH.

He said the consequences of these decisions and changes will have an impact on the future of farmers' businesses, not the ageing current farm leaders.

"It will be the next generations," Mr Ley said.

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1/08/2008 8:51:52 PM

How much farm would you have if it wasn't for the hard yards your old fogey's put in. It was the corrupt few and the bad practices of some in AWB that caused its downfall. Yes it is gone but the A class shares are still out there and if we want to look after ourselves with whatever little strings there are left we will listen to the old fogeys and hang on to the A class shares and not give them away like we did with the A class ABB shares. What a bloody joke.
5/08/2008 10:26:58 PM

As an old fogey farmer(63y.o.) I agree with young Bruce. The opinions and the aspirations of the new generation must be heard and encouraged so as to allow them to make their own path in a world that is experiencing profound change. It would be fair to say that us old fogeys didn't get it exactly right either and the AWB was a great examlpe.


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