One pass is all that¹s needed at Muntadgin

30 Jul, 2003 10:00 PM

MUNTADGIN farmer Harry Thorn has joined a growing list of farmers seeking to trim input costs at seeding.

Harry¹s situation concerned urea.

He faced difficulty of spreading urea before seeding, mainly stemming from lack of good labour and lack of reliability of timely rains to wash in the urea.

And post-seeding, urea spreading was constrained by his time with sheep management and post-emergent spraying programs.

So this year he decided to plumb liquid nitrogen at seeding, using a Bourgault 8810 bar and a Bourgault LFC 2000 liquid cart.

"We plumbed lines from the liquid cart so the nitrogen was released as a stream under pressure below and to the side of the seed for crop safety," Harry said.

In trials on his property with CSBP, he used Flexi-N rates between 40 and 90L/ha.

"There's a lot of analysis to be done from the trials but I'm happy we're now down to one pass at seeding with the resultant savings.

"And the bonus is that I achieved better placement."

According to Harry, there was a lot of preparation required to plumb the seeding bar and to ensure the liquid was placed away from the seed.

The Bourgault LFC 2000 cart has been designed from the ground up for delivery and distribution of liquid fertiliser and related products.

Bourgault manufactures this cart with a full range of options allowing the customer to set up, in one package, for the injection of crop nutrients into the seed bed or broadcast on the surface at time of seeding.

The LFC 2000 is a heavy walled (20cm x 20cm) box steel construction for the frame and the heavy running gear makes this machine one of the most durable liquid fertiliser tanks in the industry, according to Bourgault.

Delivery of product is achieved by a ground-driven positive displacement piston pump or the variable rate control (adjust on-the-go) diaphragm pump.

The injection of the liquid fertiliser can be achieved through a quick change knife attachment offered in the Universal Speed Loc adaptor range or dribbling on the surface.

Early trial results in WA have indicated increased crop yields and/or protein with the side banding of liquid nitrogen at time of seeding.

Harry said the LFC 2000 was a very user-friendly unit.

"The large tank capacity is a bonus, giving us many hours of use before refilling," he said.

"And the Bourgault cultivator bar is still quite close to the tractor even with the tow-between model, due to the short frame design and allowance for tight turns without restriction.

"All in all we have been very pleased with the LFC2000 and the productivity achieved in its first year of use on our farm."

Dalwallinu farmer Steve Carter has used the Bourgault LFC for three seasons and also rates it as very user-friendly.

"The calibration of the pump and distribution system is simple and remains relatively constant as indicated on the simple pressure gauge located outside the cab for safety," he said.

"I band the liquid fertiliser 30mm or so under the seed and feel it is a much better way of delivering nitrogen to the plant as the roots grow straight into the band of fertiliser."



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