Rain halts south east harvest

27 Nov, 2013 02:00 PM

FARMERS on the south east coast have been battered with heavy rain today.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued warnings to sheep producers that cold temperatures, rain and easterly winds were expected today.

The Bureau has also issued a severe weather warning for the areas bound by Southern Cross, Kalgoorlie, Israelite Bay and Lake King and a severe thunderstorm warning for the Gascoyne, Goldfields, Eucla, South Interior and Central Wheatbelt Districts.

Salmon Gums farmer Rory Graham said he hadn't managed to check the gauge yet but areas just north of him had received falls of up to 30 millimeters this morning.

Mr Graham said everything was covered in water and it would likely hold their harvest up for a week.

“The rain seems to have stopped at the moment but there isn’t any wind, it has just been a steady downpour,” he said.

“Another one is expected on Friday.

“Our biggest worry at the moment is the quality issue.”

Lyndon Mickel, Beaumont, said the system came through early this morning and they had received 20mm since 4am.

“It isn’t overly cold, and there isn't a lot of wind, but the rain just came through and settled in.” he said.

“We are hoping it will clear through the afternoon.

“After big falls like this quality always becomes a worry and I dare say things will start having to go through falling number tests.”

Mr Mickel still had 1400 hectares of cereals to harvest and was hoping for better weather over the next few days so they could get into it.

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29/11/2013 8:26:17 AM, on Farm Weekly

That bloody rain always gets us in summer


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