Slow harvest for US grain crop

28 Nov, 2008 11:50 AM

Thanksgiving is usually a time for American farmers to look back on harvest and give thanks for the year's crops.

This year however, according to US Department of Agriculture meteorologist Brad Rippey, an awful lot of crops are still in the field.

"Starting with the corn harvest we've reached 89pc nationally; that's eight points behind the five-year average," Mr Rippey says.

"Looking at the states that still have the greatest percentage of corn still left in the field, North Dakota only 53pc harvested; that's 40 points behind average."

Other states with a substantial amount of corn left in the field include South Dakota, with 75pc harvested; Nebraska with 82pc harvested; Wisconsin 83pc and Iowa with 86pc.

Rippey says in addition to corn still in the field, cotton harvest is behind normal as well.

"With 73pc harvested, that's three points behind the five-year average," Rippey says.

"We do see harvest now having reached completion in Arkansas and Missouri.

"But we still have quite a bit of cotton in the field in Kansas; 35pc harvested, the five year average is 51pc, and Okalahoma at 56pc versus 68pc and even in California 85pc versus 95pc."


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