Still premium for malt

12 Sep, 2007 09:00 PM

PLANFARM farm consultant Ben Cannington said the incredible high prices on offer for feed barley would still not tempt many growers to plant feed barley varieties over better yielding malting barley options next year.

Mr Cannington said malt barley had retained a small premium over feed barley and would continue to be just as profitable.

“Historically the average spread has been $40/t while this year it has been as low as $6/t and as high as $30/t,” Mr Cannington said.

“For the growers whose environment or agronomic package prevents them from consistently delivering a high percentage to malt, there may be the temptation to move to a feed variety and hopefully achieve the required lift in yields, compensating for the lower price.

“But there will always be a premium for malt over feed otherwise the growers would just deliver into the feed stack and the maltsters would not have a product to use."


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