Time runs out for amnesty

23 Mar, 2001 01:33 PM

GRAINGROWERS who have harvested crop varieties that were not acquired according to the requirements of the Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) Act will have to move quickly to take advantage of an amnesty.

The amnesty was put in place by Agriculture WA for growers who obtained seed to which Crop Improvement Royalties (CIR) applies through farmer-to-farmer trading or through a seed merchant without signing a contract.

These varieties include Camm, Adjana and Karlgarin wheat, Tanjil, Quilinock and Wodjil lupins, Doolup barley and Cooke and Helena field peas.

AgWest cereal program manager Steve Trevenen urged growers who had acquired these CIR varieties outside of the PBR requirements to take advantage of the amnesty immediately.


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