Time to back WEMA

19 Sep, 2007 09:00 PM

WAFarmers grains council president Derek Clauson has urged growers to contribute to the Wheat Export Marketing Alliance (WEMA) fighting fund because it provided a long-term solution for the grains industry.

Last week, growers were sent letters from WEMA, which is made up of the State’s farming organisations and the Wheat Growers Association, asking them to make financial contributions towards a fighting fund.

The money, to be held in trust by lawyers Kott Gunning, will be used by WEMA to engage corporate planners, legal advisers, financial modellers and marketing business systems professionals.

The Federal Government has given WEMA until March 1 next year to establish a grower-owned and controlled single desk entity to take over from the board this harvest.

AWB was stripped of its monopoly over wheat exports late last year, as punishment for its involvement in the $300 million Iraqi bribes scandal.

Mr Clauson said he had conducted a survey which revealed that pooling as a grain marketing option had the support of 93pc of growers in his shire.

“In this preset environment it is easy to take a short term view of the grains industry and risk management for grain marketing,” Mr Clauson said.

“If growers don’t support the WEMA fighting fund it will mean the end of single desk marketing and the long term risk protection that it provides."


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