Tips to get top peas

22 Sep, 2005 07:00 PM

AGRICULTURE Department pulse extension officer Ian Pritchard told growers at the WANTFA spring field days what it took to achieve a good crop of semi-leafless field pea variety Kaspa.

"The right time of sowing is May to early June," he said.

"Put it in a good 2in (5cm) into the soil, don't put it on the surface.

"Yes, we can grow field peas here (Meckering).

"Harvesting Kaspa is completely different to harvesting other field pea types.

"They prefer to be harvested in the heat of the day because of sugar pod trait, which reduces pod shatter.

"The pods don't shatter and there is little harvest losses and a cleaner sample.

"Kaspa stands up at harvest time and generally speaking what you see is what you get.

"You can harvest above ground and not right on the deck.

"You may have to push or force weight for it to go onto the belt but we recommend rolling to make harvest that little bit easier."

He said Kaspa was the only option for sandplain and duplex, which were 15-30cm over clay.

"If you keep your stubble and sow into it, you have got a pretty safe wind-resistant paddock after harvesting the peas," Mr Pritchard said.

He also said peas leave more nitrogen in the soil than lupins.


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