Warning on canola seed quality

20 Dec, 2000 03:11 PM

PLANT quality seed is the message from the Canola Association of WA to farmers planning next year's canola plantings. Association chairman John Bostock said many growers would be trying to squeeze their budgets and save on purchasing fresh seed for next year. "Growers should be very careful using canola seed from this year's crops," he said. "The tight finish and frost in some areas will have a major effect on seed vigour as well as germination." Mr Bostock said many growers who first purchased seed in 1999, when canola plantings hit a record million hectares, retained their seed for planting in 2000. "If growers retain this seed again, their third generation seed may create problems for themselves and the industry," he said. The Grain Pool of WA already has warned that second and third generation seed quality can degenerate, affecting erucic acid levels. Agriculture WA canola specialist Paul Carmody said that, due to the dry conditions, growers should consider purchasing new seed where possible. "Retained seed from this season is likely to have poor germination and vigour," he said. "If growers are intent on retaining seed, it should be thoroughly graded and tested for germination and vigour."


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