Wheat poll deadline extended

24 Apr, 2008 01:32 PM

INDEPENDENT MHR Tony Windsor, the Federal MP for New England in NSW, has extended the deadline for his high profile wheat marketing survey by 12 days.

The deadline was changed to April 28 after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd last week agreed to schedule a meeting with Mr Windsor to discuss the Government’s proposed changes to the wheat export marketing system.

Mr Windsor contacted Farm Weekly last week to say Mr Rudd had invited him to discuss wheat marketing and the poll’s results were a “matter of urgency”.

Mr Windsor said he would now collate the poll’s results to coincide with the meeting.

He said the meaning of the poll had intensified after Federal Agriculture Minister Tony Burke had also expressed his interest in reading its results.

“They (Mr Rudd and Mr Burke) are very interested in hearing about what this poll will have to say about growers’ views on wheat marketing and want to discuss its results with me,” Mr Windsor said.

“Anyone who thinks this poll is a waste of time, and that no-one will ever read the results, will be motivated to fill out and return their form, knowing it will have a direct link to the highest powers of Government."

But the Pastoralists and Graziers Association (PGA) considers the poll a waste of taxpayers’ money.

PGA Western Graingrowers committee member Rick Wilson, also a Katanning farmer, said he had received the poll form but it had gone straight into the rubbish bin.

“Even AWB have said they don’t want the single desk, so what is the point of the exercise?," he said.

“Why would anyone else want to keep it alive?"


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