Below-average rainfall has impacted on quality

29 Apr, 2016 01:00 AM

CBH has released its first crop quality report revealing the averages for major varieties across the zones.

In a year where the State produced 13.6 million tonnes, quality was affected by below-average winter rainfall for most parts and a dry finish.

Screenings were high in barley and wheat across all zones and canola performed well.

Protein levels for AH1 across the zones ranged from 13.10 per cent for Geraldton and Esperance, to 13.20pc for Albany and 13.30pc for Kwinana.

Screenings for AH1 were the highest in the Albany zone at 3.70pc in a two millimetre screen.

Test weights for AH1 ranged from 79.00 kilograms per hectolitre in Geraldton to 78.60kg/hl and 78.50kg/hl in Kwinana and Albany respectively and 77.70kg/hl in Esperance.

Albany growers delivered AH2 with the highest average protein for the zones of 11.80pc, with Kwinana and Geraldton reporting 11.60pc on average and 11.50pc for Esperance.

Moisture levels were highest in the Esperance zone at 11.80pc for APW1 deliveries and Kwinana reported the lowest levels at 9.70pc.

Protein was highest in APW1 at Geraldton at 10.90pc compared to 10.70pc in Kwinana and Albany and 10.60pc in Esperance.

Test weights for APW1 were quite similar across Geraldton at 80.00kg/hl, Kwinana at 79.20kg/hl, Albany at 79.10kg/hl, and Esperance recorded 78.50kg/hl.

APW2 was very standard across all zones at 10.00pc protein, but screenings varied substantially from 2.50pc in Esperance to 3.70pc in Albany, and Kwinana recording 3.30pc and Geraldton 3.10pc.

Feed barley test weights were equal in Geraldton and Esperance at 65.80kg/hl, Kwinana came in at 64.50kg/hl and Albany at 63.80kg/hl.

Malt barley protein levels ranged from 9.90pc in the Esperance zone to 10.70pc in the Geraldton zone, and test weight similarly ranged from 10.70kg/hl in Geraldton, 10.50kg.hl in Albany, 10.60kg.hl in Kwinana and 9.90kg/hl in Esperance.

Canola oil levels ranged from 44.60pc in Albany to 46.30pc in Esperance.

The full CBH crop quality report is available online at



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