Bendering harvest underway

30 Nov, 2016 10:06 AM
Darcy McLeary and Brendan Whyte
Darcy McLeary and Brendan Whyte

BENDERING grower Brendan Whyte, pictured with worker Darcy McLeary, was trying to beat the rain when Farm Weekly visited.

Brendan, who farms with parents Al and Teresa, started harvest five weeks ago, but had slowed down with cool weather and a harvest ban.

"It's been smooth but it took a while to get the canola off - we did 20 hectares in a week trying to get into canola but it stayed green for a fair while due to the subsoil moisture," Brendan said.

"We've started some Scope barley because of the weather, before it dropped too many heads and we've still got a lot of frosted stuff to go but what we've done now is pretty reasonable."

There were visible signs of frost appearing in the Mace wheat yet to be harvested.

"We haven't started in the wheat and will wait to get the header in, but in the past week or so the frosted areas are really showing up,'' he said.

"We've got nothing that's 100 per cent loss but there's paddocks with big areas of frost through it that will let it down a bit, but hopefully the good areas make up for it and prices can hold up and whatever's there is good quality."



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