Call for wheat samples

04 Nov, 2015 01:00 AM
The aim of the report is to assist growers in their sowing decisions.

GRAIN farmers are being called on to share three kilograms of their wheat harvest for the development of the 2015 Wheat Quality and Variety Report.

The report enables farmers to benchmark the performance of wheat varieties on a classification zone level.

By taking part farmers also receive the complete test results for the samples they submit.

The annual report is a joint initiative of Grain Growers Limited and the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC).

GrainGrowers says following farmer feedback in 2015 there will be an increased focus on varietal performance.

GrainGrowers general manager - grower interests, Michael Southan, said the aim of the report was to assist growers in their sowing decisions.

“Feedback indicates there has been a lack of available information on how varieties perform in terms of quality in each classification zone," he said.

“Such data is obviously highly valuable when planning for the next growing season."

He said analysis this year would report the processing and end use quality of individual varieties and some grade samples from each classification zone.

This is a change from past seasons where the focus has been primarily on the quality of grades.

As well as an information tool for farmers the Australian Wheat Quality and Variety Report delivers benefits across other areas of the supply chain, according to GrainGrowers.

“The analysis provides domestic and international customers of Australian wheat a summary of the quality attributes of the most recent harvest which assists their buying and processing decisions,” Dr Southan said.

“In the long-term the report is also contributing to the development of a historical quality profile of Australian wheat which benefits marketers, traders, plant breeders and those responsible for wheat classification."

Dr Southan said for the report to be statistically valid and accurate a sufficient number of samples was needed for analysis.

“Each year farmers are generous in they time and effort in collecting and submitting wheat samples – we’re hoping that this year will be no different.”

Farmers can register to receive a wheat sample collection kit by emailing:

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Jock Munro
4/11/2015 3:45:58 AM

What difference will growers submitting wheat samples make to the quality profile of Australia's wheat crop? Since the merchants were handed control of the crop in 2008 we have no hope of delivering a quality product to our customers.
Philip Downie
4/11/2015 9:36:09 AM

This is a disgrace to say there is a lack of feedback seems to add to the current mess of variety classification. If the variety is in a class what more is there to know for a grower? It is also no benefit whatsoever to international customers because they do not buy on variety and the bulk sample is not representative of the region. Really GRDC if you are paying for this something is seriously wrong.
4/11/2015 10:19:26 AM

Not sure why GGL is wasting time and money doing this. Haven't they heard of the National Variety Trials?
4/11/2015 2:28:41 PM

They probably are aware of the NVT program Geronimo but, like the rest of us , know that it's nothing but a clearing house for substandard varieties paid for by us and then sold back to us with a bloody royalty tacked on top
Unhappy cocky
4/11/2015 9:44:44 PM

Philip wrong again. GRDC are not paying for this. Try GGL I know the initials would be similar for a former AWB lackey but they are different organisations!!!
Philip Downie
6/11/2015 6:00:54 AM

Don't know what your problem is Unhappy but it seems you are unable to read, I said IF.


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