CBH keen to move on Albany site build

29 Jan, 2015 01:00 AM
An additional CBH receival site in Albany will reduce delivery storage pressure on the Albany port site.
"Hopefully by March we will be able to turn a sod and say we've started."
An additional CBH receival site in Albany will reduce delivery storage pressure on the Albany port site.

CBH is hoping plans for its $26.9 million new grain receival site will be given "a final tick" at the City of Albany council meeting on February 24.

CBH Albany zone manager Greg Thornton said work could then start almost immediately on the 14-hectare site off Down Road, 17 kilometres north of CBH's existing combined receivals and export facility at Albany port.

The council referred the project, proposed to incorporate 80,000 tonnes of sealed grain storage, a 50,000t open bulkhead, raised sampling shed, weighbridge, two unloading pits, a wash-down pad, lunch room, ablutions block, storage shed and sealed marshalling area for up to 35 medium-combination trucks, to the Great Southern Joint Development Assessment Panel (GSJDAP).

The GSJDAP gave the project planning approval on November 21 last year and endorsed a council-imposed condition that CBH have engineers design a southbound truck acceleration lane beside Albany Highway from Down Road.

The condition requires CBH to obtain Main Roads approval for the design and to agree to pay half of the construction cost of the acceleration lane - proposed to allow trucks transferring grain from the receival site to port to get up to speed before merging safely with highway traffic.

The Albany Highway and Down Road intersection already has turning lanes and a north-bound truck acceleration lane because a woodchip mill, sandalwood factory and fertiliser processing plant are located in Down Road.

Mr Thornton said engineering plans for the acceleration lane were being drawn up and CBH hoped to have Main Roads approval in time to submit to the February council meeting.

"We've got the approval from the panel, we just need Main Roads approval for the (acceleration lane) plans and then we hope we can get a final tick from the council at the next meeting," Mr Thornton said.

"Hopefully by March we will be able to turn a sod and say we've started."

Mr Thornton said although "timelines will be tight", CBH planned to have the new receival site operating in time for this year's harvest.

"It is an 18-month build, we plan to have it operating in part this harvest and completed for the next harvest.

"We will have weight, sample and bulkhead in place for this harvest, but we won't have the sealed storage (four 20,000-tonne silos) built," he said.

Mr Thornton said the new receival site would relieve a capacity bottleneck at the existing port terminal where grain receival from farmers sometimes conflicted with the accumulation of grain for shipping.

The new receival site would provide "a couple of ships' worth" of extra storage capacity and enable it to be trucked to port when required.

"It would also free up capacity at the port to enable more ships to be scheduled," he said.

"In the south and west, the area of land given over to cropping has increased in the last four to five years and we have seen increased demand for delivery to Albany."

"There has also been increased demand for direct-to-port delivery.

"The new receival site will enable us to meet that increased demand."

Mal Gill

Mal Gill

is wool and dairy writer for Farm Weekly
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30/01/2015 8:32:51 AM, on Farm Weekly

'CBH planned to have the new receival site operating in time for this year's harvest.' Way too much time been spent on gallivanting around Asia looking for reasons to spend money. Not to mention the waste on the East Coast. CBH has to get back to the core business of reducing costs for its shareholders and if it can't do that then return equity so we have some sense of ownership and reason to remain loyal. There's going to be more choice in the future and a $2 share is no reason to remain loyal. But it is Kwinana where the big threats are emerging with upcountry competition. Watch this space.
Gerry Atric
30/01/2015 10:11:38 AM, on Farm Weekly

Keep hearing about this Kwinana investment and have been told to "watch this space" for years. When is it going to happen Consolidated? Can't imagine too many big companies wanting to start up after 2 massive crops, must be due for a small one soon.
30/01/2015 1:21:44 PM, on Farm Weekly

GA with a 77c Aussie dollar it won't be too far off. The competition is going to get a very tidy leg up because they all carry US dollars.
Gerry Atric
30/01/2015 2:55:24 PM, on Farm Weekly

That's not a firm date Consolidated, can you tell me when or are you just hoping?
30/01/2015 3:56:47 PM, on Farm Weekly

Have patience GA. It's on it's way. Get ready for the next round of investment and competition in the grains logistic sector in WA. The resident service provider is busy eating itself from board level down. Ill prepared for competition and denying real equity this mob on the board will eventually have a special place in history. With current value continuing to be eroded and when it's TIME to do something it will be cents in the dollar for remaining shareholders.
X Ag Socialist
30/01/2015 5:54:28 PM, on Farm Weekly

Consolidated, and Co were rattling on about James point private port for years did not like it when I told them it was Pie in the Sky .


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