Classes promote WA udon noodle wheat

29 Aug, 2016 02:00 AM
Dan Mullan (left) with Agrarian consultant Craig Topham.
Dan Mullan (left) with Agrarian consultant Craig Topham.

UDON noodles grown from WA noodle wheat were on the menu when leading chefs were part of an Intergrain cooking school two weeks ago,

The cooking school involved five Perth chefs, InterGrain staff and industry consultants.

Intergrain chief executive officer and 2015 WA Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation Rural Woman of the Year Tress Walmsley said the event aimed to promote WA's noodle grain production.

"I have found that very few, if any, WA chefs know that WA is famous for its udon noodle grain production," Ms Walmsley said.

"I also made some noodles using normal white bread flour to demonstrate how the colour, texture and smell are different.

"To get the perfect udon noodle of creamy colour and mochi mochi texture, you need to use Australian Noodle Wheat (ANW) varieties."

Participants enjoyed five different dishes, including slow cooked, crispy pork belly with oyster mushrooms and udon noodles created by Don Tapa executive chef Stuart Laws.

The event coincided with the up-coming release of a new, unnamed noodle variety.

To be launched on August 31, the new variety is set to be WA's highest yielding ANW with average yields exceeding Mace by 5-6 per cent.

WA wheats have long been preferred for udon noodle production, with the Japanese purchasing WA wheat for udon noodles since the early 1980s.

The two key quality characteristics for udon noodles is the starch quality and colour, which has to be creamy, bright and stable.

Texture is also a key target.

The season outlook for ANW is strong, with Intergrain reporting a slight increase in plantings and a strong price signal of $20-25 per tonne above Australian Prime Wheat (APW).

There has been an large increase in Zen plantings, while Calingiri plantings are back on previous years.



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