DailyGrain independence questioned

28 May, 2009 12:56 PM

CRITICS have questioned DailyGrain’s ability to remain independent, after its owners sold a 50pc stake in the business to giant WA grain handling and grain marketing cooperative CBH earlier this month.

Based in WA, DailyGrain was developed by the owners of Plum Grove in 2007.

It provides a paid membership, on-line service that compares the live grain prices provided by grain marketers on a daily basis.

DailyGrain general manager Gavin Bignell said the CBH partnership was a logical step forward for the business and one that would help extend its service and reach to WA grain growers.

“We have been looking for a suitable partner to help us develop the business and its services to the next level and to introduce DailyGrain to a wider audience,” he said.

“DailyGrain provides a valuable service in terms of arming its users with the right information to make better decisions for their businesses.

“As such, it has a lot of synergies with the CBH Group in terms of trying to better assist WA grain growers and enhance the value of their grain.

“Another benefit to partnering with the CBH Group is the ability to better link DailyGrain with its LoadNet system, a big step towards creating a one-stop shop, on-line marketplace for growers.”

However, last week’s ProFarmer newsletter said DailyGrain had “sold out to the enemy”.

ProFarmer managing director Richard Koch said DailyGrain’s pricing service had proved popular with WA growers and always maintained its independence, despite being set up by Plum Grove, which in turn operates pools for CBH.

“ProFarmer was initially asked to partner with DailyGrain but we declined on the basis that our independence could be compromised,” he said.

“Thankfully we didn’t go down this road as selling to CBH would be akin to selling out to the enemy.

“How DailyGrain can still claim independence is a mystery with two CBH staff as directors and 50pc CBH ownership.”


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