Dempster romps home in CBH elections

26 Mar, 2008 12:00 PM
Vern Dempster
Vern Dempster

NORTHAM grower Vern Dempster has tipped the scales on the CBH board by defeating director Robert Sewell in a landslide election result last week.

WA Electoral Commission figures from returning officer Wayne Nicholson show Mr Dempster got 796 votes (58pc) for an overwhelming victory in the Kwinana Zone.

His win was built on an unambiguous platform promising WA grain growers he would strengthen CBH’s focus on its co-operative principles and put core storage and handling objectives well ahead of any corporate agenda.

During his campaign, Mr Dempster said his election to the nine-seat board would increase the grower directors from four to five who support retaining a co-operative model for CBH.

That promise has now become a reality, with growers putting forward their views in overwhelming fashion at the polling booth. Mr Dempster secured victory after he easily passed the required quota of 688 votes, ensuring there was no need to distribute preferences.

The charismatic Mr Sewell has a wealth of experience in the grains industry after being first elected to the Grain Pool board in 1978.

He was second with 447 votes (32pc) in the this year CBH race, while the third candidate, Tammin grower Scott Uppill, got 131 votes (9.5pc).


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