EyeFoss technology tests first load

25 Oct, 2013 01:00 AM
 The Eyefoss image analysis sampling machine.
The Eyefoss image analysis sampling machine.

IN a world first, a load of grain was commercially graded through the new EyeFoss image analysis sampling machine at Yuna site this week.

CBH general manager of operations David Capper said the technology has been designed to remove the subjectivity from wheat and barley visual quality assessments such as sprouted grain, weed seed, un-millable material and grain defects.

The EyeFoss units are the culmination of eight years of hard work by CBH and FOSS, and have been installed at seven CBH sites around the State this harvest.

"We started this project with FOSS eight years ago with a goal to take the hands and eyes out of grain assessment," Mr Capper said.

"The more objective, accurate and consistent we can make grain assessment the more opportunity there will be for growers to extract value for their grain."

CBH grain quality manager Mat Regan said the sampling analysis took about four minutes and the EyeFoss will sit alongside the Infratec to provide a streamlined grading process during harvest receivals.

The roll out of the new technology was timed perfectly, with harvest kicking off in the Albany and Kwinana Zones last week, while Esperance and Geraldton continued to open more sites as grain came in.

According to CBH, the Geraldton Zone had a slow week with about 14,000 tonnes delivered.

CBH Geraldton Zone manager Duncan Gray said the loads were mainly made up of canola with some small tonnages of wheat and lupins.

"Harvest conditions are consistent with cold mornings and mild days and the forecast is for much of the same next week," Mr Gray said.

"We're hoping that we'll miss out on any forecast rain, and that we start to see the northern growers have the opportunity to get started and see a smooth run."

CBH Esperance Zone manager Mick Daw said the Esperance Zone received 70,000 tonnes last week.

This brings the total for the year to 80,000 tonne.

"Sites around Esperance are starting to see some reasonable tonnes with mainly canola and barley delivered," Mr Daw said.

"Lake Varley is the only site in the Lakes region that has received grain to date."

The Kwinana Zone received its first few hundred tonne of grain delivered to the MGC, Avon, Moora and McLevie sites last week.

CBH Kwinana Zone manager Brett Jeffrey said sites that were allocated to receive canola were ready to be opened, and waiting on calls from growers that grain is ready to be received.

Harvest also begun in the Albany Zone last week with several hundred tonnes of canola received at the Albany Port and Gairdner receival point.

CBH Albany Zone manager Greg Thornton said this year's harvest had started a week earlier than previous years.

"Even with rain forecast for most of the Zone over the weekend, we expect that harvest will start to increase next week with a number of sites across the Zone opening," Mr Thornton said.

"The estimate for the Zone is expected to exceed three million tonnes (mt) and building of emergency storage to assist with managing these tonnes is well underway."



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