GPA welcome ACCC committee

03 May, 2016 05:55 AM
Dan Cooper will be the Grain Producers Australia (GPA) representative on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Agriculture Consultative Committee.
Dan Cooper will be the Grain Producers Australia (GPA) representative on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Agriculture Consultative Committee.

GRAIN Producers Australia (GPA) has welcomed the new Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Agriculture Consultative Committee, describing it as an important step for agriculture in the Australian economy.

The new committee, which features 24 members from across all major agricultural commodity groups, will advise the ACCC on agricultural competition issues.

GPA chairman Andrew Weidemann said his organisation had advocated strongly for greater recognition of agricultural issues within Australia’s competition law framework and the need for

specific industry expertise inside the ACCC as the regulator.

Mr Weidemann said while there had been deregulation in the grains industry there were still competition issues in segments of the supply chain.

“Being faced with monopoly, or near-monopoly, suppliers of services in some cases can present major challenges,” he said.

“While having the ACCC to manage these situations is correct under our system of competition law, we have been extremely concerned that the organisation should have maximum capability to grasp the nature of the issues brought forward.”

He said the experience of the new committee in dealing with issues specific to the industry would benefit the ACCC.

“The appointment of the Agriculture Commissioner, Mick Keogh, and now the Agriculture Consultative Committee will provide much greater resource when examining issues such as the recent Brookfield-Asciano rail case,” he said.

NSW grain grower Dan Cooper has been appointed to the Agriculture Consultative Committee after being nominated by GPA.

Mr Cooper said he believed the board was a sound initiative.

“It is good the ACCC will be able to take on board advice from those that are involved in the agriculture space.”

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Jock Munro
4/05/2016 4:07:17 AM

It is difficult to see how this committee can achieve anything for producers particularly grain farmers. Dan Cooper was a strident supporter of wheat deregulation and Geoff Honey from the merchant's association is also on board. Andrew Weidemann was also in favour of wheat deregulation but is obviously uncomfortable with the outcome. How any wheat grower could have supported wheat export market deregulation and loss of grower control is anyone's guess. Unfortunately it will take a severe market collapse before anything can be done to right the wrongs.
5/05/2016 9:48:38 AM

GPA chairman Andrew Weidemann said his organisation . Who elected this fella to represent us? How is GPA still operating as I thought the NFFGPC was the Peak body?? More jobs for the BOYS? I hope they enjoy jobs created outside the Farm for them.
5/05/2016 9:51:35 AM

And what qualifications does Dan Cooper hold that qualifies him to hold such a powerful position? Who will he be accountable to? How much does this position pay?? Looks like a milking cow to me!
Philip Downie
5/05/2016 1:19:10 PM

You have to wonder what planet some of these deregulation characters are on. Its obvious that the small players will fall away and you will be left with a couple of big ones, at most, that's how business works.
5/05/2016 5:43:34 PM

Market crashes are normal parts of any business cycle Jock. You build fat for these days because that is where the greatest opportunities lie. Have money when others don't. Fortunately for WA and SA producers the removal of single desk has allowed unprecedented equity rebuilds over the last 5 years.


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