GrainGrowers, WA Farmers team up to champion grain

31 Jan, 2012 06:58 AM

GRAIN Growers Limited and The Western Australian Farmers Federation have entered into a Heads of Agreement to better promote the interests of the state’s grain producers.

GrainGrowers chief executive Mark Allison said the organisations in conjunction with the National Farmers’ Federation and grower representative bodies in other states would work together to promote the interests of grain producers across Australia.

“Western Australian growers contribute a vast amount to overall Australian grain production and exports, so it is logical that their views and issues are represented not only locally, but also on the national stage,” Mr Allison said.

“GrainGrowers will be working with WAFarmers to actively engage Western Australian growers and represent their best interests to national decision makers to drive innovative policy solutions,” he said.

“Our National Quarterly Grower Consultation Forums are a key means to bring state organisations together to discuss national issues and we look forward to strong WA input.

“We also want to provide grain producers with access to our vast technical expertise and decision making tools that help boost farm profitability.

“For example, GrainGrowers will soon launch the latest version of ProductionWise, our flagship program that seamlessly integrates a range of information from historical satellite and climatic data to seasonal rain forecasts.

“It has been years in the making and is the only system of its kind in the world,” he said.

The agreement with WAFarmers followed GrainGrowers’ recent annual general meeting, where more than 90 per cent of growers voted in favour of expanding the not-for-profit organisation’s national footprint to include Western Australia and South Australia.

WAFarmers president Mike Norton said, “The partnership with GrainGrowers and our respective memberships of NFF will deliver many benefits to WA grain growers.

“WAFarmers have represented local growers for 100 years so we look forward to sharing our knowledge and insights,” he said.

“Following deregulation and the demise of the Grains Council of Australia there has been a void in national representation for the grains industry and it is about time we had a well-resourced national grain grower organisation that will listen to our concerns and represent our interests,” he said.

GrainGrowers is Australia’s national, independent, member-based, financially sustainable, technically resourced, grain producer organisation. Membership is open to all Australian grain producers and is free until 30 June 2012.

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31/01/2012 8:09:00 PM, on Farm Weekly

Looks like WAFF are open to any cheque book. Mike Norton Dairy farmer How much grain doe's he Grow?
X A Socialist
1/02/2012 5:38:50 PM, on Farm Weekly

WAFarmers have represented local growers for 100 years. I disagree WAFF were and probably still are captured by the National party went in to bat for the AWB were anti CBH and constantly advocated selling CBH's flour mills, promoted paranoid nonsense about grain market reform at every opportunity. What was and still is needed is a WAFF that looks after West Australian grain growers. And just in case your wondering I am a WAFF member not one of those right wing think people on Great Eastern Highway.
5/02/2012 5:19:36 PM, on Farm Weekly

That's it, game over ...with Paula Fitzgerald controlling Industry Development at GG the WAFF have signed themselves up for GM wheat...whether they like it or not!
11/03/2012 8:53:51 AM, on Farm Weekly

Seems like Regie and Hebe have their minds set but don't actually know what's going on. WAFF don't benefit financially from their arrangement with GGL so no open chequebook. As to GGL setting policy, Hebe, take the time to jump on the web and read the policy document. Industry policy is to be set by a Forum of the state farming organisations. GGL provides the secretariate. GGL doesn't drive the debate, doesn't have discretion on policy and can't veto policy. After al the years of indecisojn and petty squabbling the grains industry needs to move on and address the issues for the future.


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