More canola going in this year

30 Apr, 2017 04:00 AM
A fair percentage of people are up and going

SCOTT (left) and Edward Moir, pictured with new pup Pepper, were well into the second day of their 2200 hectare seeding program when the Farm Weekly visited last Wednesday.

The brothers farm with their father Mick and mother Penny at Chillinup Farm, south east of Borden.

They had kicked off their program with 80ha of Williams oats, and hoped to start sowing 850ha of Stingray canola this week.

"We're putting in more canola this year but that's just in rotation," Edward said.

He said many people in the area had started seeding earlier than usual this year, due to high summer rainfall.

"We've had about 180 millimetres this year and our average annual rainfall is 400mm so we've had an early break.

“A fair percentage of people are up and going."

The rest of the Moirs’ 2017 crop will be made up of 750ha of Flinders barley and 550ha of Scepter and Mace variety wheat.



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