Nominations open for CBH directors

28 Nov, 2013 01:00 AM

NOMINATIONS for the 2014 CBH Group member director elections open today with three director positions open for nomination - one in each of Districts 1, 2 and 4.

The coming elections will again be held by the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) and eligible candidates will have until noon on Monday, January 6, 2014, to lodge their nomination.

If a CBH grower member has an interest in becoming a director of the largest co-operative in Australia, he or she can apply for an information pack and nomination form, from WAEC returning officer, Wayne Nicholson on 9214 0448 or

The directors, whose three-year terms will expire at the CBH Group's annual general meeting on February 26, 2014 and who are eligible to stand for re-election, are Clancy Michael, Vern Dempster and Wally Newman.

Candidates are not required to have their main growing interests in the district in which they intend to nominate for election.

Following the close of nominations, subject to receiving more than one nomination for a district, grower members in that district will be able to vote for candidates and ballots will be counted immediately after the close of poll at 10am on Monday, February 17, 2014.

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Unhappy cocky
28/11/2013 5:46:50 AM, on Farm Weekly

Clancy Michael is an excellent directory I hope all growers in Geraldton zone will get behind him.
drowning in debt
28/11/2013 6:46:35 AM, on Farm Weekly

i'll vote for anyone who has the guts to come out and support that cbh needs to be corporatised to survive the threats posed by competition. word is bunge has already secured 200k of the 300k it intends to procure. seems farmers will jump ship if given the choice and that means cbh is going to be worth far less in the future than it is today!!!!!
28/11/2013 7:14:46 AM, on Farm Weekly

Who was behind the decision to buy all those soon to be worthless train sets? All the fan fare, a manufactured freight reduction for one year and now CBH realises the rail network is crumbling and crippling the ability to even run the trains. Heads should roll on that alone. And what is CBH going to do about competition to preserve CBH's market position? These are the questions that should be asked of all candidates.
28/11/2013 3:45:27 PM, on Farm Weekly

The day of reckoning is becoming closer each day for CBH. How does the grain growing industry except the massive transfer of wealth happening right in front of our eyes? Each day as Bunge accumulates grain from it's stronger bids potential value which should be on growers balance sheets dribbles onto Bunge's. For an investment of $30 million Bunge will win 10% of CBH's throughput, if that throughput is valued similar to GrainCorp's, the value would exceed $300000000. This value has gone forever, such a shame, not that the directors care they can still extract wealth, not for much longer though
X AG Socialist,
29/11/2013 8:13:54 AM, on Farm Weekly

Drowning in Debt 300,000 Metric ton is about what CBH can Receive in one day and quite probably before lunch .
29/11/2013 8:04:08 PM, on Farm Weekly

Eh X Ag! First 300k out of Bunbury, now James Point to be online in 3-5 years.Thats a 3 million tonne hole out of Kwinana, the most reliable zone for CBH and the most profitable. unless CBH makes changes and fast it is a lame duck. I've written off my equity. Will never see the light of day.


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