Wheat pool deliveries rise

14 Jan, 2016 01:00 AM

Deliveries into wheat pools are experiencing a surge this season, according to AWB.

AWB pool manager Charlie Brown said 2015-16 Harvest Pool receivals were estimated to be up about 50 per cent from last season.

It is estimated that a lower percentage of grain has been sold by growers at this stage of the harvest than for the past four seasons, likely because of the price.

Mr Brown said it was interesting that a large number of growers, who had not used the pool for the past few years in favour of cash sales, were returning.

“We are seeing many growers across the wheat belt, both big and small, deciding after discussions with our team to deliver into the AWB pool for the first time in a number of years,” Mr Brown said.

“Growers looking for cash flow, but not liking today’s domestic cash values, and are looking at ways to enhance returns and capture potential market rallies which we remain confident are ahead."

The AWB harvest pool closes on January 20.

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Jock Munro
14/01/2016 4:27:26 AM

Pools run by merchants are a sham-growers have no way of knowing whether they are being ripped off or not. The National pool single desk arrangement that was abolished by Rudd Labor and Nelson's Liberals was transparent and had a statutory and constitutional obligation to maximise net returns to growers. There is desperation at play and the growers carry all of the marketing risk whilst the merchant is the winner at all times. Cargill and co must be laughing all of the way to the bank!
14/01/2016 9:34:45 AM

Is this an ad for Cargill/AWB?. Pooling in the "modern" environment is gifting these people your profit
tractor driver
18/01/2016 11:55:15 AM

Its interesting to travel bw Dubbo and Swan hill today, thru towns like Goolgowi and see silo facilities and various halls built thru communities coming together. The mere hint of that bond in todays agriculture is ridiculed and called socialist, has our society really benefitted from this shift.
18/01/2016 3:27:29 PM

Its called 'economic freedom' tractor driver. It has trumped coercion and collectivism throughout civilization and provided prosperity that socialists could only dream of. People wanted and needed halls back then, why would anyone want to build a dreary town hall to socialize in when there are abundant, better things to do, with ones spare time. Seems you just yearn for yesteryear!!
19/01/2016 7:27:36 AM

It was no different when AWB was at the helm mark2. Rarely did wheat prices have a 2 in front of them during those corrupt years. Now we strive to put a 3 in front and often achieve it. Of course the best part of AWB losing their single desk is WA and SA got their freight advantage back into their hands from the socialists out around Rankin Springs
Jock Munro
19/01/2016 8:51:19 AM

Dereg, Show us proof that SA and WA didn't get their freight advantage under the single desk? Do you really believe that the single desk stopped you getting prices that we are getting now- in other words do you believe that the single desk kept world prices down?! Why we do now have the uncertainty and risk that we do? You will never accept that our industry is under pressure now but to most growers the issues are becoming more and more obvious. Your merchant colleagues don't have a care in the world though.
Philip Downie
19/01/2016 11:44:28 AM

D8 that is so incomprehensible and stupid as to defy a response.
23/01/2016 2:08:17 PM

hmmmm back from se asia tour. Went out of my way to go to a flour mill. Australian wheat is to expensive since awb has gone we get cheaper wheat elsewere. Read into that what you want but it was with almost the ceo of one such operation. changing times
24/01/2016 3:48:26 PM

The good thing about the deregulation of the market is that you now have choice. If you want to use a pool you can, if you don't you have other options.


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