Albany Electorate

14 Feb, 2013 01:00 AM
Albany electorate.
Albany electorate.

HISTORY may be on Labor's side when it comes to March 9 and the seat of Albany.

Current member and Albany representative Peter Watson has held the seat since 2001 in what is considered a seat that could go either way.

Mr Watson first won the seat over Liberal Kevin Prince during a number of key issues at the time and the emergence of One Nation and its decision to move preferences away from sitting members.

But since then Mr Watson has been able to get himself through another two elections in 2005 and 2008 by minor margins.

At the last election Mr Watson won by just 89 votes - a 0.2 per cent margin.

So Mr Watson has a knack for winning the seat in the tightest of contests, and yet again he will face some stiff competition, in particular from Liberal Trevor Cosh.

Some political analysts have said it would take a massive effort for Mr Watson to win a fourth term, especially while Mr Cosh is proving to be popular in Albany.

Nationals WA candidate Rob Sutton is also quietly campaigning and getting the message out about Royalties for Regions and the benefits it has brought to the southern city, but it is unlikely he would launch a realistic challenge for the seat and should be a distant third.

While Greens candidate Diane Evers has been an Albany local for 18 years, but is also unlikely to have a major impact on the voting.



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