Albany: Peter Watson

14 Feb, 2013 01:00 AM
Labor candidate for the seat of Albany, Peter Watson.
Labor candidate for the seat of Albany, Peter Watson.

Member for Albany

Peter Watson

p Gas pipeline

The Liberal-National Government promised at the last election that the gas pipeline would be built by now and they have to failed to start construction. They have yet to say if there is to be a major industry customer for it in Albany or if the gas will be cheaper for residential customers in Albany. If they can show that the pipeline will be viable and that gas customers in Albany will not pay more for their gas, then I will support it.

p Creating local jobs

Relocating the Department of Local Government to Albany will create more than 100 new jobs and give young people in Albany access to apprenticeships and traineeships on all big Royalties for Regions projects.

p More medical specialists for our new hospital

Having delivered the MRI machine for our new hospital I will fight just as hard to get the medical specialists that it needs.

p Safer local roads

By building three new passing lanes between Mt Barker and Kojonup and putting Royalties for Regions funding into upgrading heavy transport roads.



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